How do translators find clients for a business?

If you are just starting your carree as a translator, you might find the ways how to find your clients direct without any agency. There are many ways and strategies to find direct clients.

All you need is your skills level and Marketing, marketing, marketing


1 You can place your profile on specialized platforms as , translator’s cafe,,Unbabel,TextMaster,

2 Use Facebook – create your page , join relevant groups as this one

3 Create Youtube Channel – publish useful information about your services and  Create Video content for your direct clients,  Make SEO of Youtube 

4 Send your CV to the agencies, be in their database and receive orders, don;t forget to add your portfolio on your website.

5 Create your own website for  translator – add your CV, Images, Rates, Contact information

6 Create your Instagram account and link if with facebook page

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