How to protect your website from Hackers

Hackers all over the world, even students of technical university hacks websites of businessmen around the world.

Website is the most important for your business, so how you can protect your business from Hackers.

How a hacker attacks your website?

They try to find the weak spot or a vulnerable point from where they can launch their attack on your website. And once they get control of your weakness, they are in a position to do all sorts of damage.

There are 2 ways they can damage your business – make a DDOS attack- which makes your website down and positions of your website fall. This way you can change hosting company.

To protect your website from Hackers-

1. Keep your plugins and software updated.

2. Use strong passwords

3 Get SSL certificate

4. Hide ADMIN page


Hackers will do their job; you need to do yours! Make sure you follow the tips mentioned above to prevent any malicious attack on your site. But, if you ever feel your website is vulnerable or under threat, talk to our experts. We will help you get a secured website and a robust online presence.



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